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This is the main reason that almost all the countries adding with Pakistan is making the best use of the English Language just for getting into communication with rest of the world. In simple Pakistan is taking English Language as the main barried for the communication with rest of the world. Hence English Language plays one of the vital roles in the developnment of the whole nation towards the brighter future. This is the main reason that today they are developing so much in each and every single corner of the world.

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This is the main factor that Pakistan is trying hard to make the English Language as part of their language so that they can walk shoulder to shoulder with other developed countries. English Language plays one of the important role for the people of Pakistan. It is not just vital in the personal grooming but it is even found to be the best one in the development of the nation. All our scientific and technical knowledge is present in this language.

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It deals with commerce and trade. All our foreign trade is done through this language.

The Importance of the English Language in Today's World

The knowledge of medicine, engineering, technology, surgery and military equipment communicated to us in this language. The best material of education and literature is found in English. No other the language of the world gives us standard terminology and symbols in various branches of science and technology.

Knowledge of English is necessary for getting employment at home and abroad. English has played a very important role In our struggle for independence. All the activities in this respect were carried through the medium of English Language. It is very hard to do away with English. It has its roots very deep in our society now.

It has been an official language for more than two centuries in the sub-continent India.

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It is used in the working of our executive and judiciary. It is taught in our schools and colleges and universities. The doctors, engineers, teachers and other educated people use this language for communication of ideas nationally and internationally.

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Literacy rates are the lowest within female populations, with many women not being literate at all. There are tribal areas in Pakistan where the literacy rate for women is as low as 9. There are five levels within the Pakistani education system.

This means that like the US education system it has grades, and in this case, the grades work in levels. Level one starts at primary and that is for grades one to five.

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The middle level goes through grades six to eight. The third level goes from grades nine to ten.

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  6. The fourth level goes from grade eleven to twelve, through which a student may receive his or her HSC, which is the Higher Secondary Certificate. The fifth level includes attendance at a University, in which a student may earn an undergraduate and graduate degree.