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America's Most EVIL Serial Killer - Ted Bundy

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A telex message was sent to the police in Utah, saying that Theodore Robert Bundy, a possible suspect in the Seattle murders, was now believed to be residing in Salt Lake City. The Utah authorities were more than mildly interested in the information. While the Seattle crimes had ended abruptly in midsummer of , by early fall young women were mysteriously disappearing in Salt Lake City and its suburbs.

On Oct. Her nude and battered and sexually assaulted body was found nine days later. On Nov. She never reached her car in the school parking lot, and was never seen again. In the town of Salem, Laura Aimee, 17, vanished on Nov. The same night that Debra Kent disappeared from the school parking lot, Carol DaRonch was kidnapped from shopping mall several miles away, in the case that resulted in Bundy's only conviction so far.

But it took a year to make the arrest. According to Miss DaRonch, a polite man approached her as she shopped, identified himself as a police officer, and asked her to accompany him to the parking lot on some official pretext. When they got outside, she got in his Volkswagen, and, after they had driven out of the lot, he suddenly slapped handcuffs on one of her wrists.

She began screaming and the driver ordered her to keep quiet. Miss DaRonch, crying hysterically, managed to open the car door and leap out, hailing a passing auto as the driver of the Volkswagen sped off into the night. The Utah police now seemed to have a living witness. Nearly a year later, however, she did identify Bundy in a police lineup as her abductor. His arrest in Salt Lake City took place in August , in a suburb southwest of the city. A state police officer later testified that he was returning home at 2 A.

When the trooper pulled his cruiser behind the other car, and flicked his high beams on it, the Volkswagen's engine started and the car sped away. The trooper caught it after a short chase and pulled it over. Inside the car was Ted Bundy, who identified himself as a university law student.

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What was he doing on this street at this hour? He had been to a late movie, was driving home, felt drowsy, pulled off the highway and fell asleep. What was the name of the movie he saw that night? The trooper looked at the law student. He was dressed in a black turtleneck, Levis and sneakers. There was something funny about the car. The passenger seat had been removed and placed in the back. The trooper looked inside the glove compartment, stood back up and arrested Bundy on the spot.

Inside the compartment were an ice pick, a ski mask, a nylon stocking with eye and mouth holes.

Biography of Ted Bundy, Serial Killer

And a pair of handcuffs. The suspect changed his story. He had really been smoking marijuana in his car, was befuddled and panicked when a strange car suddenly pulled up behind him, and he sped away to ditch the incriminating evidence. The ski mask and nylon stocking were used for skiing, of course.

And the handcuffs? Easy — he was a security officer at the university.

Ted Bundy that day was charged with fleeing from a police officer. Nothing more.

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