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Health experts are also blaming the increased cases of obesity and weight-related problems among children on advertisements. Sellers of junk engage in vigorous advertisements of their products targeting children, and this has also started raising serious health concerns. Using and taking advantage of such child psychology facts has in the recent past, raised concerns among child psychologists about some of their peers helping companies to craft advertising campaigns. The argument on one hand is that it is unethical when companies are assisted by mental health professionals, to get children to respond to and purchase their products Clay, They are seen to be taking advantage of helpless individuals since the advert is designed in a way that it will elicit a given response from the children.

Those advocating for the involvement of psychologists in advertisement campaigns argue, that the children are at an advantage when a mental health practitioner is involved, since they can determine the information that is appropriate and inappropriate to kids and advice accordingly. The increased attention focused on the advertisement to children and young persons has led to adverse effects on the industry.

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Regulations on the advertisement to children are stricter, in aspects to do with content and exposure. The result is that some advertisements targeting kids cannot be aired at certain hours of the day. For example, advertisement for products such as games cannot be aired before Revenues from advertisement to children have been reported to be on a steady decline, partly due to the prevailing economic conditions and the concerns raised by stakeholders.

Advertisers are afraid of being involved in controversies involving their advertisements and they are, therefore, being extremely cautious with adverts targeting kids. The situation is so bad such that some children magazines refuse to advertise in their publications. It is evident, therefore, that advertisers can no longer reach children by relying on mainstream media.

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The trend has been to change tactic and attract the attention of children using other means. The main object of any business in a market driven economy is to maximize sales and profits. Decisions made by management and other officers of the enterprise are geared towards these two goals, even when they claim otherwise.

When they engage in advertisement, they are usually in pursuit of these same goals, by targeting people who are likely to consume their products or services. Changing advertisement tactics is among the decisions company managers are inclined to make. Though the mainstream media are still key in their campaigns, advertisers are now turning towards digital advertising, behavior advertising and activities that involve the children themselves Commission on Communication, They also reach them through movies.

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For example, the Coca Cola Company is reported to have paid Warner bros hundreds of millions of dollars for the advertising rights of one the Harry Porter movies. Being subtle in their advertisements to children is the new practice among advertisers. Companies hope to achieve their advertising objectives by sponsoring kids events such as sports activities and competitions.

This is a device that has in the past been turned to by National Geographic Kids.


It has over the recent past been sponsoring and organizing kids competitions and in this way, reached them by involving them in its activities or being involved in their activities Clifford, This is the dream of every advertiser. The dream that the consumer will identify with and relate to the product or service at a personal level. This often happens, especially among adult consumers. Such an effect on children may present itself over a long period of time, but children get easily excited by new things.

They may, therefore, keep changing their preferences with each new release. They often think that the newer is better than the old. For example, a kid will be very excited when presented with a new toy, but will want another one they see later on an advertisement. The new one replaces the old one not because it is in fact, better, but just because it is new.

The Committee on Communication of the American Academy of Pediatrics in its edition on the Pediatrics journal argues that the advertising influences on children are pervasive.

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The argument is premised on the claim that they lack psychological defense mechanisms against the torrents of ads they are bombarded with every single day. The adverts they are exposed to while still young at times have effects that are felt in their early adulthood and later years. If children positively identify with cigarette and alcohol advertisements, they are more likely to consume those products later in life. This is how powerful advertisements can be on the habits of a consumer. Clifford and the Commission on communication both agree that there is a need to implement ways of mitigating the negative effects advertising has on children.

One of the ways of doing this suggested by the Advertising Education Foundation , is through media education, and involvement of parents and others entrusted with their care such as teachers.

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Parents and teachers are important in this since they can monitor and to a reasonable standard control the information to which their kids are exposed. They may also play a role in limiting the influence advertisements have on their habits. Advertising to children is very sensitive due to their mental status, and the effects of advertisement on them are a cause for concern. Arens, W.

M: Advertising. New York. McGraw-Hill Irwin. They have helped as a lot for this report. We also express our warm gratitude and cordial thanks to the management and officials of wiz. We are really indebt to all the people who helped us in preparing this report. Finally,all the group members related to this term paper worked a lot and worked very hard to make this report successful. A special thanks to all the group members, fellow friends, near and dear ones who offered encouragement, information, inspiration and assistance during the course of constructing this report.

Media buying has a huge opportunity of employment and revenue earning for Bangladesh. The report contains the analysisof the advertising industry alongwith the analysis of different media in Bangladesh and obviously the pros and cons of the industry. The reportmainlyincludesContributionwhichare madebythe AdfirmsinBangladesh whichiselaborated in a view to a study on wiz. All the different media tools used in media buying are described here with their different aspects.

The portfolio of wiz. The report also includes some recommendations for the betterment of the industry. Thisreportfocuseson the contributionineachsectorof Bangladesh. Challenges,Problems,Solutionsand Recommendations. This report contains both interior and outside data about the association from the very root, for example, authoritative structure, and number of representatives and so on.

Likewise,we have givenverynearlyeverythingthere istothinkabout the human assetside of the business. We have gathered information. ContributiontoBusiness world:…………………………………………………………. You know what you are doing but nobody else does. Britt Advertising now-a-days is the most effective part of marketing which is now being modified and refined day by day.

To make an advertisement more efficient, it has to be placed in a perfect time for the perfect reach to the target market segment. All the related jobs with the advertisements are done by the advertisement agencies. They select the best route to reach more target group; they make advertisement as well as buy the best possible placement and time for the advertisements.

Research Paper on Advertising: Cultural Indicators and Attitudes Toward Ads

As a studentof marketingwe encouragedtofindthe similaritiesbetweenthe learningandreal world situation. So,thiscanbe consideredasthe objectiveof the studyina broadersense.

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Advertising,one of the core terms of Marketing,isvital for everybusinessorganization. Andthe ad agenciesare producingthese advertisementsandinformingthe people aboutcompanyaswell asabout the productsand services. The adagenciesare doingone the mostimportantmarketingtasks. The main objective of the studyof isto understandthe real sceneryof the adagenciesandto geta practical knowledge aboutthe activitiesof anad agency. The executivesof any service provider department of an ad firm negotiate and purchase time and advertising space for advertising purpose.

The main challenge for ad maker is creating and maintaining the relationship with the media personnel and channels for proper and perfect placement of the desired advertisement for desiredvalue. Specificobjective: Work processof wiz. Even though the media buying and public relation sector of agencies working in Bangladesh is becoming vaster day by day, no previous work has been found on media buying of the agencies of Bangladesh.

The scopes and the limitations of this department have not been identified yet, at least in a documented format. Due to this reason this research has been proposed to identify and explain some or all the factors influencing the sector. But a large amount of informationof everyorganizationisconfidential.