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The Scotts had a dream of making paper goods, but once they noticed domestic bathroom plumbing taking off, they went down a prosperous path making toilet paper. Selling TP was unmentionable in the Victorian era, so the Scott brothers had to devise a unique strategy to get druggists and consumers to purchase it. They gave each druggist a proprietary interest by allowing them to create their own custom rolls. Scott Paper Co.

Limited is founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on June 2, His vision launched three of the most famous Scott products and turned them into a household name.

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The company begins to manufacture Scott Tissue bathroom tissue. Arthur Hoyt Scott changes the direction of Scott Paper and decides to manufacture its own brand of toilet paper: Waldorf. The brand becomes the best-selling toilet paper in the world. Scott Paper invents Sani-Towels later renamed Scott Tissue Towels , the first disposable paper towel, for use in Philadelphia classrooms to help prevent the spread of common colds.

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Arthur Scott believed in creating quality products, offering them at a low price, and using advertising to tell people about them. Scott expands its paper towel business and introduces ScotTowels — the first paper towel sold in grocery stores.

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The creation of the towel holder, which Scott also sells, spurs this product's growth. Scott introduces Zorbik, a pad of porous laminated paper used by the Army as a gauze pad and as a filter in the canister of gas masks during World War I. Scott introduces Mr. Thirsty Fibre, an advertising symbol designed to convey the absorbency of Scott products.

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Page 1 2 Page. Show Top Show 36 72 Add to Cart Find in Store. Add to shopping list. Try our best quality, comparable to Bounty. This pack contains 12 super rolls, offering the same amount of paper as 22 regular rolls for longer lasting rolls and less roll changes. Each roll is individually wrapped for protection and contains 2-ply sheets. Try Bounty Napkins! Warnings To avoid danger of suffocation, keep this bag away from babies and children.

Any paper product can burn if used improperly in microwave or conventional ovens. Not recommended for use in hot conventional ovens. Do not leave crumpled paper towels in the oven - they can ignite. Do not dry herbs or flowers on paper towels in microwave or conventional ovens. In case of fire, turn microwave OFF and leave door closed. On occasion, ink from wet paper towels may transfer to some surfaces, For best results, us e the unprinted side.

Out of stock online. Packaging may vary from images shown. Scott Paper Towels Choose-A-Sheet with Quick Absorbing Ridges get the job done faster to keep you going about your business and let you get back to what matters most.

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Spilled milk. Spaghetti splatters. Watercolor paint adventures. Offering the value you expect and the quality you can rely on from the Scott brand, our basic paper towels are also conveniently delivered to you. By taking one simple action — purchasing Scott Brand products that have Forest Stewardship Council label — you can take pride in knowing that the FSC-certified products you purchase come from responsibly managed forests around the globe.

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Visit wwf. Visit onesimpleaction. Bounty Select-A-Size Regular Roll Join the effort to protect forests around the globe by purchasing FSC-certified Scott products made from responsibly managed forests Packaging may vary from image shown. DG Home Premium Print paper towels are super absorbent - great for cleaning up any mess.

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Multiple tear spots lets you choose your paper towel size. Paper Towels ship in a number of assorted prints based on warehouse availability. Styles may vary. Prints may vary.

Assorted styles. Packaging may vary from image shown. Keeping your office break area looking neat and tidy helps you promote a professional image that colleagues are sure to notice and enjoy. These paper towels make it easy to quickly clean up small spills and mishaps, so counters and sinks stay clean. Stays strong, even after soaking up spills and messes. Soft and strong individually wrapped DG Home paper towels. Perfect for every day clean ups.

This pack contains 6 super rolls, offering the same total amount of sheets as 11 regular rolls for longer lasting rolls and less roll changes. Each roll contains 2-ply sheets. And so, we ask: Why pay more for everyday little messes? This pack contains 2 huge rolls, offering the same total amount of sheets as 5 regular rolls for rolls that last 2. Bargain-brand paper towels letting you down? Bounty Essentials Select-A-Size sheets also allow you to control just how much you use depending on the size of the mess.