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Before I went to St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, I looked at church like a chore.

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Now I view church like school which I think is fun — a time to learn. Before attending St.

Now I know about vocations and what God calls us to be. I know who I am and what I want to be.

Making a difference

In a nutshell, I can clearly say that Catholic schools are a great source of faith formation. Catholic schools are also a great source of knowledge thanks to teachers who encourage and help me progress onward. Before I went to Catholic school, if you said something complicated or hard to understand, it would have probably gone right over my head. Now I try to decipher and understand the more complex things in life.

Catholic schools are great way to learn about Catholicism and just about anything else. Another thing is helping others.

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We have a responsibility to respond to the needs of others because we are all part of God's family. Discipline as a Faith Expectation Catholic schools promote self-discipline through clarity of moral vision that is based on the Gospel. Students are challenged to be Christ-like in word and action. They are asked to examine their choices and action in light of the Ten Commandments and the Gospel law of love.

They are given a theological foundation for ethical behavior. Students are not good because they act in accord with rules and expectations.

Rather, because students are good, i. Music, Art, Literature, Drama and Ritual are rooted in the rich history of the Church, and find their truest glory as an expression of divine praise. The Fullness of the Catholic Identity at the Heart of the Church Catholic education has always been at the heart of the Catholic mission.

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They have been entrusted with the fullness of faith and have been charged with the mission of evangelization. They are to go out into the world and share the gifts they have received, as doctors, lawyers, policemen, firemen, businessmen and women, teachers, priests and religious, all as Catholic school graduates. Catholic school graduates are a leaven in society, helping the broader community to be the best that it can be.

Academic excellence is not a gospel value in and of itself.

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Students learn so as to help others, and make a difference in the world around them. All Tried and True Events. ACE Toolkit for Inclusion.

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